Top 10 Reasons to Work at Scottrade

We asked our associates what they considered the overall top reasons to work at Scottrade. Here’s what they said:
  1. Stability of the Company

    Founded in 1980, Scottrade has evolved into a leading, independent financial services firm.

  2. The Culture/Teamwork

    Our family atmosphere and dedication to core values has 387 associates working at Scottrade for 10 years or more.

  3. Focus on Customer Service

    Our brokers focus on giving great service, not earning high-pressure commissions.

  4. Work Environment

    An active open door policy keeps our corporate culture successful.

  5. Growth Opportunities

    With programs like The Learning Center, Management Training and more, you receive support and encouragement to excel at Scottrade.

  6. Reputation for Friendly People

    Friendliness is a cornerstone of good customer service. So it’s easy to see why most of our associates consider each other friends.

  7. Competitive Pay and Bonuses

    Scottrade offers a competitive base pay as well as discretionary semiannual bonuses.

  8. Professional Development (Training, etc.)

    Our award-winning Learning and Development department designs, supports and delivers ongoing in-depth training for interns and associates, including a Customer Relationship Program and Advanced Broker Training.

  9. Rodger Riney

    As one associate said after a presentation from our Founder & CEO, Rodger Riney, “Rodger struck me as the consummate Midwestern company president. ‘If you aren’t having fun, find somewhere else in the company where you can.’ That’s a great attitude.”

  10. Flexibility to Transfer Between Roles/Departments

    Job shadowing and cross-training can prepare you for an internal transfer.